Established in 1989 with the main business of supplying motion control products, we are the Designer and Manufacturer of PMDC brushed motors, BLDC motors, DC geared motors and single phase AC motors as well as the lamination stacks for generators and automobile parts.

As a proud manufacturer of professional grade motors, Changyi is the best source in China for high efficiency servo motors, gear motors, variable frequency motors and other special purpose motors. We specialize in the detailed research, development and production of various direct current motors and alternating current motors, including PMDC motors, BLDC motors, DC gear motors and AC motors. Our brushed motor, brushless motor, synchronous motor, and asynchronous motor are expertly engineered for maximum efficiency, stability and adaptability. These motors are commonly used for transmission systems for various products, such as medical equipment, pumps, home appliances and vehicles. As a specialist in the motor manufacturing industry, we have a highly skilled professional team of designers and production experts to produce our high-performance motors. In addition to our standard products, we also have the production capacity and capabilities to manufacture customized motor designs and services according to your special requirements. We have produced custom micro-motors, high current motors, high power motors, large capacity motors, high speed motors and high voltage motors. Feel free to contact us whether you are looking for a standard motor or if you have custom requirements. Details

Main Products
    1. 60mm Brushed DC Motor
      Constructed with replaceable cartridge brushes to ensure a longer motor life.
      Both front and rear end bells can be customized to fit your OEM applications.
    1. 110mm Brushed DC Motor
      The electric motor has a shaft diameter at 0.55".
      Optional features include an extended shaft, end bells and outleads are available for your OEM applications. 
    1. 57mm Square Flange Brushless DC Motor
      Wye-windings with a 3-phase and 4-pole configuration. 
      Rare earth magnets and high-precision ball bearings are utilized to decrease motor noise and performance. 
    1. 72mm Round Brushless DC Motor
      Compact electric motor design with a connector for quick installation. 
      Quality windings and rare earth magnets. 
    1. 80mm High Torque Brushless DC Motor
      The peak torque can reach 6.6N.m to without producing excess vibrations or overloading. 
      The optional nominal voltage can reach 310VDC, for lower energy consumption with high output power.
    1. 95mm AC Motor
      High-quality ball bearings are used to prolong the AC motor life. 
      Ventilation holes are machined in both the front and rear end bells to cool down the electric motor.
    1. 120mm AC Motor
      More ribs are especially added into the outside of the electric motor casing to cool down the device.
      High temperature ball bearings greatly helps prolong the service life of themotor. 
    1. 62mm Worm Gear Motor
      Quality carbon brushes are equipped prolong the life of the DC geared motor. 
      Quality rare-earth magnets are installed to maximize electric motor performance. 
    1. Worm Gear Motor ZDM1950
      With low speed and high torque operation, our geared motor is reliable and easy to repair if necessary.
      The brush assemblies at the rear end bell can be replaced as needed to extend service life.